Saturday, May 14, 2011

Morganza Spillway to Open - Keep Cajun Country in Your Thoughts

In what has become Louisiana's own version of "Sophie's Choice", the Morganza spillway will be opened this afternoon to spare New Orleans from flooding.

Please keep all of the good-natured, hard-working people of Cajun Country in your thoughts. Many of them are but a few hours or days from losing everything they've worked for all their lives.

While the national news media may think that towns like Butte Larose are quaint with their camps instead of houses, those who live in or near the area know that it is more than that -- people there live a unique and beautiful way of life and tradition.

To all affected residents, to my friends and to my family, please stay safe.

2 red beans:

misti said...

Thanks for bringing awareness...this breaks my heart!

Make a Roux said...

Thanks, Misti!

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