Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cajun Thing - Tante and Nonc

If you're a Cajun, chances are you have a tante and/or a nonc.

Tante (tnt) - Aunt. The French word for "aunt" is "tante" and is widely used by Cajuns.
Nonc (nnk) - Uncle. Short for the French phrase, "mon oncle". 

Typically, we say the name of the aunt or uncle in French when we use tante or nonc. For example, my Aunt Monica is "Tante Monique".

We also use tante and nonc when referring to our great aunts and great uncles, respectively.

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Laurie Matherne said...

I used Tante and Noc for my great aunts and uncles without realizing sometimes that it was not a part of their given names! Tante Odette and Nonc Abbie I think were my favs. Of course I had a nanny and pare too. The a variety of people with a T in front to show the diminuitive, either in age or size. T'June was such a bully!

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