Friday, July 23, 2010

Wines to Try: Diseño 2009 Vintage Malbec from Mendoza

Last night, my husband and I attended a dinner at Sevilla in downtown San Diego celebrating the release of Diseño 2009 Malbec. This malbec is from the Mendoza region of Argentina and was created by winemaker Alejandro Wainer. The guest of honor at the dinner was one of the men who helped make that wine happen, Federico Ballester.

Federico worked with Argentina's finest wineries to source the old vine fruit for the Diseño 2009 Malbec.

Federico is a native son of Mendoza. His grandfather owned a winery there, and his father worked in a winery, as well. Still, according to Federico, he had no designs on being in the wine business, at least not permanently. He applied for a job at a winery in Mendoza, which eventually led to him being in charge of exporting at a wine conglomerate in the region.

About Diseño 2009 Vintage Malbec
The grapes come from old vine malbec in the Lujan de Cuyo and Uco Valley in the Mendoza region.

The nose gives off cherries and tobacco. On tasting, you'll sense blueberries and dark chocolate. This wine has a nice long finish with a pleasant amount of acidity.

I asked Federico, "What foods would you pair with this Diseno 2009 Malbec?"
"Pasta, meats, game. However, I think it is also a wine that you could drink alone."

I agree. I don't typically drink reds with fish other than salmon, but the malbec was right there in front of me when my dish of Sea Bass Cantabrico arrived. The malbec went surprisingly well with it, the acidity in the wine complimenting the richness of the creamy garlic sauce and the buttery fish.

I highly recommend the Diseño 2009 Vintage Malbec to anyone who loves a good malbec, or to anyone who is just venturing into drinking reds. The wine is making its appearances in various cities this month, and will be available nationwide in August. Suggested retail is around $10.99 per bottle.

I had a fabulous time speaking to Federico, meeting everyone from Constellation Wines, and enjoying the food at Sevilla (more about the delicious food in an upcoming post). Thanks to Rebecca Stead, Brand Manager for Diseno at Constellation Wines for hosting us, and to my dear friend Amoreena Bremgartner-Anker, Chris, and Remi, all of Constellation Wines.

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Keri said...

I will most def have to try this. My sister works for the regions largest liquor distributor in the fine wine division. I'll have to have her find this for us. Great post.

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