Monday, May 3, 2010

Do You Know What it Means to Miss the Gulf Coast?

  • Spying two Louisiana herons while gliding silently through a saltwater marsh in a pirogue.
  • The emerald waters and sugar white sands of the Florida panhandle.
  • Family vacations along the coast in Biloxi, Gulfport, Destin, Fort Walton Beach, and Panama City Beach.
  • Spring break with my girlfriends on Perdido Key.
  • Drinking Bushwhackers at the Florabama at sunset.
  • Surfcasting in the Gulf waters off Grand Isle.
  • Sifting through ice chests full of shrimp while they were being hosed down in the backyard.
  • More memorable seafood dinners than I can count, cooked by my mother or enjoyed at various restaurants in Louisiana and along the coast.
  • Taking the boat to Ship Island to admire the birds and seashells at the Gulf Islands National Seashore.
  • A trip with my wonderful then-boyfriend, now-husband to South Padre Island, where he swam with a sea turtle.
Those are but a handful of the memories I have growing up in Louisiana and spending time along the Gulf Coast. Thanks to BP, Halliburton, and Transocean, many kids and adults may never get to experience these things.

With 5000 barrels of oil polluting the Gulf waters each day, the outlook is pretty dire. What will happen to the wildlife? The coastal wetlands? Our way of life? The seafood industry? The fishermen? The restaurants and bars? The hotels? The people who work in the travel and tourism industry? I could go on and on.

How you can help:

Buy specially marked bottles of Dawn dishwashing products
Go online and activate your product code. When you do, Dawn with donate $1 to saving wildlife. Dawn safely and effectively removes oil from wildlife. The company is donating bottle upon bottle of detergent to help the International Bird Rescue Research Center in their wildlife cleanup efforts.

See these pages:

Donate to the Audobon Society:

Other good ideas

10 red beans:

misti said...

Beautiful post, Louisiana friend...thanks for the links

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Thank You for your sweet comment.
The headlines this morning were 25 dead turtles, No indication oil was the cause of their death.
Sure, what a coincendence.
It frustrates us that they really think they fool you with these antics.
Many, many, dolphins yesterday and this morning, have moved closed to the shore. More than we have ever seen in our area. Winds from the North now, is also good news. We can hold on to swim, swim, swim fly, fly, as hope. Seems they are dodging it a bit.
Such a shame the Kemp Ridley turtles, but we had expected a larger number, so we remain positive.

Chandeleur Islands and Refuge is completely covered in oil, breaks my heart some of the best fishing in the world out there. Our little secret that we hid for so long from only the smartest of the casters.

This is a beautiful post. It inspired me. Dinking bushwackers at FloraBama in our bathing suits, it what we all she be doing right now. Cheers To Ya!

Marguerite said...

It's a crying shame and I too, am heart-broken, about the whole thing. Great post and links!

Anonymous said...

Nice work, Gumbo Gal!


Gumbeaux Gal said...

Thank you so much, misti.

Gumbeaux Gal said...

Thanks a lot, Bumpkin. I so appreciate your updates. It's just sad to think of all the places I've been that may never be the same again. Then, there are those places that I never got to see. :(

Gumbeaux Gal said...

Thanks a bunch, Marguerite. I've really enjoyed your festival recaps. I miss LA festivals so much!

Gumbeaux Gal said...

Thank ya for reading, m2!

Sam said...

WOW.. amazing writings. You have me absolutely in tears.

sandieslittletreasures said...

So true and real........................:::)))))

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