Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Feeling the Blogger Love

Guess what? First, Make a Roux has been featured on a fun and tasty blog by the name of Sandwich365.

Sandwich365 is the brainchild of my new blogger friend, Sam. She is an engaging and talented writer who is clearly obsessed with sandwiches. Instead of counting sheep to get to sleep at night, she counts sandwiches. Heck, she even drives a car shaped like a submarine sandwich!

Alright. Those last two things about Sam aren't true, but they easily could be.

I'm hoping to profile Sam and her blog within the next few days. All she has to do is answer my latest email. (Nudge. Nudge. Poke!)

For now, click here to read all about moi! While you're there at Sandwich365, please, please check out Sam's other brilliant posts on ALL THINGS SANDWICHY from clothing to table art to delectable sandwiches!

4 red beans:

Sam said...

Hello Rouxy... I was out of town for my BDay and got back last nite. Have had trouble sending you email to the "gumbo" address. Before I left on Thursday 3/4 I wrote you a couple of comment/answers hoping you'd check your comment area. Would be flattered to partake of your interview and am curious about how you would do it. Sounds like an awesome idea. Thanks for this GREAT write up. Love your style.Write me at this address or leave a comment anywhere on my page, or write Keri, (a.k.a. Sam). P.S. I was in Louisana twice on my trip. Once on the way to Texas from GA and once on the way Back.... Bye.

Hoity Toity Baby said...

Roux....I love Sam, too. Of course I'm biased as she's my Aunt. But you are right, she's brilliant, funnnnnny & a great writer. I can't wait to read your review!


Make a Roux said...

You had trouble emailing at gumbokitchen? I got your email just fine. Maybe it was a post-sandwich hiccup.

Glad to hear that you enjoyed my gret' stet' of Louisiana during your travels. Can't wait see your latest posts!

Make a Roux said...

Hoity Toity Baby, thanks for following my blog. Love the cute things on your site! If you're related to Sam, you're alright with me! :)

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