Saturday, February 6, 2010

Black & Gold Cupcakes for Da Saints!

Hey everybody! Just a quick post about my black and gold cupcakes for the Super Bowl par-tay tomorrow.

Double fudge cupcakes topped with dark chocolate buttercream frosting, embellished with gold-dusted chocolate fondant "GEAUX SAINTS!" lettering and fleurs de lis. I added a smidge of black food coloring to my already dark frosting. I didn't go totally black because black teeth are kind of... well... icky.  :D

Can you feel the excitement? I can!


5 red beans:

UrbanIdeas said...

wow, absolutely gorgeous! Well the Saints did it! Congrats to such a fantastic team and a beautiful city!

misti said...

Little, yummy pieces of art!


Make a Roux said...

So nice of you to say, Urban! I saw your Super Bowl menu and it looked great!

Misti, thanks!! :) Dat's right! WE DAT!!

Marguerite said...

These cupcakes look divine and so creative, too! We Dat!

Make a Roux said...

Thanks, Marguerite!! This has been the best week ever! :)

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