Monday, September 21, 2009

The Veggies of My Labor -- Grilled Pepper and Onion Slaw

How many times can I post about coleslaw?

The answer is, as many times as possible!

Recently, when I found myself with leftover grilled peppers and onions from an Italian sausage dinner, I tossed them with cabbage to make a tasty slaw. The sweet and smoky flavors of the grilled veggies added a new dimension to the dish.

As I was mixing the slaw, it occurred to me that the peppers, onions, cabbage, and the cucumbers for the pickles, had all come from the backyard.

Damn good stuff and all I had to do was walk out of the back door.

If you want to revisit another of my slaw recipes, check out:
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Grilled Pepper and Onion Slaw

1/4 c light mayo
1/4 c lowfat Greek yogurt or light sour cream
a few splashes of white wine vinegar (I like a lots of it.)
2 tsp honey
3 Tbsp pickles, minced
2 c grilled peppers and onions, chopped into bite sized pieces
3 c cabbage, thinly shredded
salt and pepper and/or Creole seasoning to taste

1) In a large bowl, whisk together the mayo, yogurt/sour cream, white wine vinegar, pickles and honey.
2) Add the cabbage and the grilled peppers and onions to the bowl, stirring to coat with the mayo mixture.
3) Adjust the honey and/or vinegar to taste.
4) Season with Creole seasoning, salt and pepper, as desired.

3 red beans:

misti said...

That looks mouthwatering! I love slaw. I especially love eating it with homemade french fries, one bite of cole slaw on top of each fry...I know right.

I am so inspired that all of this came from your backyard.

Mark said...

Damn that looks good!

Make a Roux said...

Oh, yum! French fries and slaw. That's a fabulous combination, Misti!

m2, thanks!

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