Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Cocktail #23 - Green is the New Red: "Green Mary"

Everyone wants to be green these days. Why not try a green drink?

My super-sugary Green Grape tomatoes inspired me make this cocktail, which is a twist on the traditional Bloody Mary.

The Green Mary was pleasantly refreshing, with just the right bite at the back of the throat. It was the essence of tomatoes and summer -- fragrant, beautiful and light.

If you are used to the uber-high sodium content of a Bloody Mary made with a mix, this one may take a little getting used to. However, if you have access to some green tomatoes, I urge you to try a Green Mary.

Green Mary
Makes 1 cocktail.

1) Muddle the following in a cocktail shaker:
6 large green grape tomatoes, quartered (or 3/4 c chunked large, ripe, green toms)
2 - 3 thin slices cucumber
1/4 of a serrano chile
1 lime, cut into eighths
2 grinds of freshly cracked pepper
pinch of kosher or sea salt
4 drops of Tabasco Green
1/2 tsp sugar or truvia (more if toms aren't very sweet)

2) Add the following to the shaker:
2 oz vodka (citrus-, cucumber-, or pepper-infused)
1/2 c ice

3) Shake vigorously until cold.

4) Place a piece of cheesecloth over shaker spout and strain into a rocks glass filled with 3/4 c crushed ice.

5) Top off with:
3 - 4 oz of sparkling water or club soda.

6) Garnish with any combo of the following:
lime, green grape tomato, cucumber, green beans

These pair beautifully with goat cheese appetizers.

5 red beans:

Bob said...

Intriguing, I'm not sure I can get green tomatoes around here though.

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds so refreshing. This is a great twist on the classic. Because I'm me, I'm adding some salt. Can;t help myself. ;)

And to Bob, around here, lots of farmers' markets carry them at the end of tomato season so nothing goes to waste. Well worth getting your hands on some, or growing your own. :)

Anonymous said...

Dang Gumbo Gal,

You just never stop inventin' stuff! Amazing. I bet one o' those spicy green beans would be good in this drink too.


Make a Roux said...

Just in case it wasn't obvious in my post, the tomatoes are ripe and of a green variety (like Green Grape or Green Zebra). It isn't made with tomatoes that should be ready but haven't fully ripened. Instead, you should use those for fried green tomatoes.

Make a Roux said...

Hey m2, I put a couple of my home-pickled Cajun green beans in that drink! It was pure yummy-ness. If you happen to be here when we still have some of our green toms, I'd be happy to whip up one of these Green Marys for you!

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