Sunday, June 28, 2009

Garden Report and an Update

Hello, dear readers.
I've been MIA for a while, but with good reason. I've been dealing with some weird back pain that got me a little sidetracked. Things seem to be mostly under control now, though.

Now that that bit of housekeeping is taken care of, how about an update on the lovely things growing in my garden?

Remember this post? Kitchen Garden Report - Spring 2009 In that post, I vowed to keep track of just how much I saved picking veggies, fruit, and edible flowers from my backyard instead of buying them at the supermarket or farmers' market.

From the time my first veggies (radishes and lettuces) were ready for harvesting, I kept a running total of everything I'd picked. I gave some of the bounty away to friends, but I counted it all here in my total. I grew it and could have eaten it all, but it was worth sharing. When I had time, I even photographed some of my harvests. Finally, I entered everything into a spreadsheet, then went searching for standard pricing.

To determine prices, I used past grocery store receipts, online ordering forms for local CSAs, USDA market prices, and the Rodale Institute price lists for California.

I have noted all items at organic prices, as the only pesticide I use is iron phosphate, which is acceptable in organic gardening practices.

I spent a total of $100 on the spring garden for prep, seeds and plants, plus $9.50 for a box of that iron phosphate when I found some slugs feasting on my beautiful lettuces. That brings us to a total of $109.50 for the entire garden and, as you'll see, I grew over $300 worth of food. Not bad at all.

Of course, it's not all about saving money for me. It's a matter of keeping the spirit of my grandparents alive and putting what they and my dad taught me as a child to good use. It's also about knowing where some of my family's food comes from and what is or isn't on it. Lastly, it's a matter of taste -- nothing can beat fresh food.

What's in your garden? How much money do you think you've saved?

arugula 8 lbs2.2518.00
basil 3 bunches3.4910.47
beans, green 7lbs3.0021.00
broccoli 2lbs3.256.50
cabbage 1 head2.702.70
carrots, Danvers half long and sunshine 2 bunches 2.505.00
cilantro 3 bunches2.006.00
chives4 bunches2.008.00
cucumbers 90.454.05
dill 1 bunch2.692.69
chicory2 lbs2.004.00
escarole 3 bunches4.9914.97
garlic, wild 1 bunch2.752.75
lettuces, head 42.5010.00
lettuces, leaf (red and green)6 lbs2.7516.50
mint 2 bunches 5.0010.00
mizuna2 bunches 1.503.00
mustard, Osaka purple5 lbs3.0015.00
nasturtium, leaves/flowers1.5 lbs4.256.38
onion, yellow40.853.40
onion, green 4 bunches2.5010.00
onion, Welsh 1 bunch2.502.50
oregano 5 bunches6.0030.00
pepper, banana31.003.00
pepper, bell 12.992.99
radishes, red globe and French breakfast 1.5 pints2.493.74
sage 2 bunches6.0012.00
squash, crookneck 100.828.20
squash flowers 1lb4.254.25
strawberries 1.5 pints3.004.50
Swiss chard8 lbs2.6921.52
tatsoi 2 bunches3.006.00
thyme 2 bunches6.0012.00
thyme, lemon 1 bunch6.256.25
tomatoes, cherry 5 pints4.0020.00
tomatoes, green grape .5 pint4.502.25
tomatoes, beefsteak 1 lb3.493.49
upland cress 4 bunches2.008.00

2 red beans:

tallmisto said...

Wow. You've managed to grow stuff, eat it, and make a spread sheet about it. All I've done this summer is eat a Popsicle. I am very very humbled.

I love the spread sheet. You are one organized lady. It reminds me of a mutual acquaintance of ours. She once mapped out her entire school schedule (times, buildings, everything) for the rest of her college career. We're talking 3 years in advance here.

Make a Roux said...

Wow! That is impressive, yet not surprising info about our mutual friend. :) She is quite organized.

As for the popsicle, sometimes that all you really need. Especially when it's dreadfully hot out.

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