Thursday, January 8, 2009

Holidays in New Orleans and South Louisiana

Now that I'm fully recovered from holiday traveling, and back into the swing of things, I have no excuse for not catching everyone up on my adventures back home.

Hubby and I headed to New Orleans for a few days. We met up with his parents, who'd flown in from New England, and my family (parents, sis, bro-in-law) who (of course) reside in South La.

I had a wonderful time playing "tourist" and showing Hubby and his family around, and also enjoyed the time I spent at my parents' house, too. (I even got to hang out with my brother-in-law's family for xmas eve. They made a feast of Honduran and Mexican dishes. Everything I ate was delicioso!)

Here's a rundown of we ate, drank, saw, and did on the trip:

First, there was plenty of delicious food in the city, including:

Muffalettas from Central Grocery.

Cubano sandwiches from Liborio on Magazine St. (Sorry, no photo!)

Beignets at Cafe du Monde.

Reviellon* Tasting Menu and Shrimp and Grits at Mr. B's. (BTW, if you go, ask to be seated in Dwayne's section. He's great!)

Giant burgers and baked potatoes at Port of Call.

Raw erstahs (oysters). Where was that? Oh, Redfish Grill. I think that was the only good thing I ate there. I've never been a big fan. (Sorry, no photo!)

Lots of ribs and seafood at Zea Rotisserie (Again, no photo!)

Then there was the awesome, everyday food that I had when I visited my family:

Fried thin-cut catfish

White beans and rice

Fresh (not smoked) pork and green onion sausage (made at the local market) smothered in a a thin pan gravy eaten over rice (rice n' gravy)

Cajun potato salad

We had to wash all that yummy food down with something. There were the drinks, including:
Sazeracs and Swampwater at the hotel bar

Absinthe at Pravda

Gingeroo during the Old New Orleans' Rum "Sip Through the City" pub crawl.

Monsoons and Red Turtles at Port of Call.

Since we were in NO in the week before xmas, we all had plenty of holiday shopping to do. Between all of the excellent retailers, we were able to find some pretty neat gifts at:
The French Market

The Shops at Canal Place

The Riverwalk

Shops on Magazine Street

For entertainment, we went to:
Blain Kern's Mardi Gras World

Algiers/Canal Street Ferry and Algiers Point

The Aquarium of the Americas

The Audobon Insecterium (My favorite part was sampling the Cajun crickets and the mealworm chutney in the Termite Cafe'. YES, WE ATE BUGS! And they weren't bad, either.)

Visited our wedding site (also known as Jackson Square)

Walked on the Moonwalk along the River

Drove by the beautiful homes on the edge of the FQ, in the Garden District ,_New_Orleans, and the Marigny

And there were even a few surprise, standout places and people:

New Orleans Jazz National Park - Bruce and Matt, the singing park rangers there, do a history of jazz show on Thursdays from 3-4pm. The rangers even created a jazz/blues song right there on the spot just for me. :) The show is free, entertaining, and educational. Do not miss it!

New Orleans Board of Trade - the awesome caretaker/facilities manager, Alvin, at the Board of Trade befriended us and took us around the building for an impromptu tour and history lesson. The guy was nice and funny and took a tremendous amount of pride in his work. (We also went back there the next day to hear a blues show.)

There were, of course, plenty of things we didn't get to fit in, like The Celebration in the Oaks, a meal at The Upperline, a meal at Cochon, and a stop at the Carousel Bar at the Monteleone.

I guess there's always next time!

For now, I'll continue to relish the fun holiday time I had with my loved ones in the Big Easy and down the bayou. :)

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Katherine Aucoin said...

Wonderful post! Looks like you had a wonderful time. I can't believe you had time to in that touristy stuff. No flame grilled ersters at Drago's???

Karen said...

Wow, what a great trip... and the food looks just delicous!

tallmisto said...

I'm totally saving myself for a beignet experience when I get a chance to go to NO. Your trip looked amazing and delicious.

Make a Roux said...

Thanks, Katherine! Nope. Never made it to Drago's. It's on the list for next time, though!

Thanks, Karen! It was a lot of fun. So yummy, but I didn't get to eat everything that I wanted to. (That's probably a good thing, though!)

Hey Tallmisto! I definitely had a fun and delicious time. If you go to NO, I totally recommend eating beignets as many times as you can!!

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