Monday, November 3, 2008

How Does My Garden Grow?

Fall is such an exciting time in the garden!

Out here in SoCal, we've got warm days and cool nights. Both of those extend the summer growing season and also allow for cool season crops.

Here's what's growing at my house:

  • arugula
  • upland cress
  • lettuce, head type, Butterhead
  • lettuce, leaf type, several varieties including Buttercrunch, Ruby, Salad Bowl
  • endive, Curly
  • swiss chard, Bright Lights
  • nasturtium, Jewel Mix
  • cabbage, Flat Dutch
  • turnip, white globe
  • radishes, Globe and French Breakfast
  • beets, Rainbow Mix
  • carrots, Sweet Sunshine and Little Fingers
  • watermelon, Sugar Baby
  • peas, Early Perfection
  • bush bean, Kentucky King
  • pepper, mild banana
  • tomato, Celebrity (It came back to life!)
  • squash, kabocha
  • herbs - rosemary, dill, basil, Thai basil, chives, sage, parsley, cilantro, oregano, thyme, bunching onion, mint, lemon verbena

That's what's in my garden this Fall. I feel like I'm forgetting something and will probably remember it later.

So, how does your garden grow?

3 red beans:

TeaLady said...

Wow! Really makes me miss our garden now that the season is over. Lucky you.

Make a Roux said...

Thanks, Tealady! Thanks for stopping by, I am going to add your blog to my list of links. :)

Joanna said...

you have such a pretty garden. most of out stuff is dead. we had eggplants, zucchini, tomatoes, cantalope, mint, a few other spices, and umm random weeds haha

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