Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Boudin Stuffed Veal Rolls with Pan Sauce

What the heck is boudin and why did I stuff some veal with it?

"Hello everyone! Meet my friend, Boudin. Boudin, tell us a little bit about yourself."

"Well, I'm a spicy little number!"

"Um, please elaborate."

"Ohhh. Sorry. I'm a highly-seasoned, spicy Cajun sausage made from pork cuts(including the liver) and rice."

"Thanks, Boudin!"

Now that you know boudin, you are ready to enjoy it! As much as I hate Forrest Gump, I must take a nod from the movie and tell you all the ways you can eat boudin.

cold boudin on hot toast!
grilled boudin with Creole mustard!
boudin on saltines with... Creole mustard!
boudin balls (boudin removed from its casing and baked or fried)!
boudin over grits!

I could keep going, but I have lots more to type, which brings me to my lil recipe for Boudin Stuffed Veal Rolls.

I came up with the recipe after thinking that I'd like to try my hand at creating a boudin-based stuffing. The only thing I had on hand was a package of veal cutlets for scallopine, so I put the two together.

After stuffing and cooking the rolls, I created a very simple pan sauce to spoon over them. You can omit it, though, because it's just lagniappe.

Boudin Stuffed Veal Rolls with Pan Sauce

Make the stuffing:
1 tsp olive oil
1/4 c onion, minced
1/4 c celery, minced
leaves from 3 or 4 thyme sprigs
5 or 6 cremini mushrooms, chopped
2 tbsp green onions, chopped
1 link pork boudin (about 1/3 lb), removed from casing and chopped
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp parmesan cheese
2 tsp fresh lemon juice
S & P

1. Heat the olive oil in a saute' pan over medium heat.
2. Saute' the onion, celery, mushroom, and thyme in the olive oil until all moisture has been released from mushrooms and cooked away.
3. Season the veg mixture with S&P.
4. Lower the heat, add the green onions, boudin, and cayenne.
5. Stir gently to crumble the boudin.
6. Remove from heat and gently stir in the parmesan and lemon juice.
7. Taste and adjust seasonings, then set aside.

Assemble and cook the rolls:
1/4 c flour
Creole seasoning
S & P
1 lb veal cutlets for scallopine
kitchen twine
salt and pepper
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp butter

1. Place the flour in a shallow pan and season to taste with Creole seasoning.
2. Place cutlets between wax paper and pound with a mallet.
3. Season cutlets on both sides with S&P.
4. Place the oil and butter in a saute' pan on medium heat.
5. Place enough stuffing lengthwise along the middle of each cutlet so that there is a goodly amount, but that it can still be rolled.
6. Roll up each cutlet and secure with kitchen twine.
7. Roll each cutlet in flour and shake off excess.
8. Place rolls in pan and brown on all sides.
9. Cover pan and let cook an additional minute or two depending on desired level of doneness.
10. Remove rolls from pan and tent with foil.

Make the (optional)pan sauce:
1/2 c white wine
1 tsp butter (or more to taste)
S & P

1. With saute' pan on medium heat, add the wine and use a wooden spoon to scrape up the browned bits from the pan's surface.
2. Let sauce reduce to about 1/4 c.
3. Remove from heat and whisk in butter.
4. Season with S & P.
5. Serve over veal rolls.

Pairs nicely with a crisp white wine and some parsley-ed potatoes.

5 red beans:

Katherine Aucoin said...

This looks and sounds absolutely delicious. I have to ask, where in the world did you find decent boudin in your neck of the woods? ~Sigh~, we're going to N.O. next week for Thanksgiving and we're taking a VERY large ice chest with us...boudin, tasso, andouille, oysters, tamales - lol

Make a Roux said...

LOL! I didn't! It came straight from Cajun Country! If you ever run out, try mail order at Poches.Com.

We Are Never Full said...

ok, first the freaking drink and chickpeas, now THIS!? boudin stuffed veal. i don't know if i can stop salivating. this is an AWESOME idea.

Make a Roux said...

Thank you for getting so excited about my crazy idea of veal + boudin. You really have to try it if you can! BTW, you two totally rock! :)

Selena Gomez said...

I'm so in love with all of the flavors in this!
chowringhee kathi roll

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