Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Special Salad and a Promise

What's so special about this salad?

I grew 90% of it in my garden. Thanks to what I call a delayed summer growing season here in San Diego.

Aside from a wee bit of red cabbage and a few radicchio leaves, everything came from the backyard...

Tomatoes (Celebrity)
Peppers (Sweet Banana)
Cucumbers (Japanese, Tasty Green)
Lettuce (Black Seeded Simpson; Oak Leaf; Red Salad Bowl)
Thyme (Lemon)

I dressed my homegrown salad simply by squeezing some lemon throughout, drizzling about 1 1/2 Tbsp of good quality flaxseed oil, sprinkling it with some fleur de sel, and grinding lots of freshly cracked black pepper over it.

In keeping with my salad's minimal treatment, I threw it on a plate with some nice grilled beef tenderloin and called it dinner. :)

For my lovely blog followers -- I promise to get back to cooking something more than steak and salad. Lately it's been takeout, sandwiches, or easy stuff like roasted chicken here at our house. Lots of hurricane-related stress in the past couple of weeks and more non-hurricane-related stress in the next few. I've got to get back to my cooking routine, though, because it really does keep me sane. :)

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