Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cajun Thing of the Week #9

I'm officially changing Cajun Word of the Week to Cajun Thing of the Week. I hate being tied down to just a word, when I might want to present an entire phrase, or a tradition, or food, or... who knows?

This week's Cajun Thing of the Week, is...

cake a la grece [kek a la gRes]

Cake a la grece is French bread dough that has been left to rise and then fried in hot oil. Yeah, it isn't health food, but it isn't something that is eaten every day in Cajun homes. It's a once-in-a-while treat that is topped with everything from powdered sugar to a soft-fried egg. My favorite way of eating it is with a pat of butter and lots of Steen's cane syrup.

On those once-in-a-while occasions when we have cake a la grece, it's generally for breakfast. But, just like any good breakfast food, it can be enjoyed at dinner time, too.

This is some good stuff, chere!

Special thanks to my Momma for making me some cake a la grece on my trip home this past summer! :)

1 red beans:

dessertobsessed said...

cake a la grece! sounds delicious! i love bread, especially if its fried!

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