Monday, August 18, 2008

Friends, Food, and Fun

(Yes, I'm alive and well and back from a fabulous visit home! More on that in an upcoming post.)

On my return from vacation, I held a little poolside cocktail party for my girlfriends from work. They're a bunch of smart and fun ladies, whose company I truly enjoy.

I made a few things for us to nosh on while we cocktailed and visited after a long workday.

Here's the menu:

White Wine Grapefruit Sangria
Red Wine Passion Fruit Sangria
Assorted cocktails and non-alcoholic bevs
Plantain Chips with Spicy Mango Ketchup
Endive stuffed with White Bean, Radish, and Cherry Tomato Salad and Citrus Vinaigrette
Fig and Havarti Crostini
Muffaletta sandwiches
Individually wrapped chocolates from New Tree
(Dark Chocolate, Dark Choc Coffee, Milk Choc Lavender)
Lemon Vanilla Madelines (Not homemade. Please forgive me!)

Now for the pics:
White Wine Grapefruit Sangria

Red Passion Fruit Sangria, Fig and Havarti Crostini, Chocolates

Plantain Chips with Spicy Mango Ketchup

Endive with White Bean, Radish, and Cherry Tomato Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette


Thanks to T&J, who gave me a lovely gift of assorted cheeses from Venissimo. You two went way overboard and I LOVE it! When the party broke up at midnight, I broke in and sampled a bit of the cheeses. :)

I hope that everyone had as great a time as I did. As I recall, we spent most of the party splitting our sides with laughter, so I'm hoping we can make a regular event of getting together.

While I am tempted to stick with just inviting the ladies over (because they left my house cleaner than it was before they showed up), I think we'll let the significant others and kiddies in on the fun next time.

2 red beans:

Anonymous said...

I had tooooons of fun and also hope it becomes a regular event, we can rotate the locale to each of our homes. :) The noshes were yummy (I especially loved the havarti and fig crostinis) and the company was delightful (of course it was! WE ROCK!). Was that a fig spread/jam you used on the crostinis? I have this at home: Am going to try to make some using it.


Tobermory said...

Sangria. Muffaletta. Venissimo.


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