Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cajun Word of the Week #7 - Roder

roder, roday [ro-day]

alt. rodailler
To wander or roam. To never be in one place.

Ex. "GumbeauxGal is never home. She loves to roder."

5 red beans:

Nanette said...

This word was always used around our house as, "Your daddy's going roder...visiting his family".

I love this feature! It reminds me of those words from my childhood that I don't use in everyday life anymore.

Gumbeaux Gal said...

Hey Nanette, you got it right! Did you ever hear another version of this word that was pronounced, ro-die-yay? I remember people in my area using both.

I'm so glad to hear that you appreciate the CWotW! If you can think of any words that you'd like to see here, shoot me an email and I will post them with credit to you.


Omar said...


My friends outside Raceland say that people who run around playing pranks and causing trouble are "going rougarou" or they use the word as a verb: "They rougaroued all night long." LSU's "Cajun French-English Glossary" says a "rougarou" is a werewolf. Ever heard that one?


Gumbeaux Gal said...

hey omar, out here we use loupgarou for werewolf! It almost looks like there is a connection between loup-loup > loupgarou > rougaroup!

Omar said...


They're all the same thing. The unusual part to me was using the term to refer to a prankster, or his habits.

Anyway, eat something good while you're there (a good redfish courtbouillon, maybe...), and watch out for the storms!


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