Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Cocktail Time #11 - Swamp Cooler

No, its not just a cooling device that takes moisture from the air. It's a cocktail, too. Since when? Since a few years ago when I whipped one up for one of my crazy Halloween dinners.

Despite its unappealing color, this drink is absolutely refreshing and totally delish. It also makes a fun addition to any Halloween or Cajun-themed party.

Your guests may be a little wigged out by the file' powder. Note that you can substitute sugar that has been tinted green, or a mixture of sugar and finely grated lime zest.

Swamp Cooler (adapted from Martha Stewart's "Swamp Sips")
lime wedge for rimming glass
2 oz file' powder, green-tinted sugar crystals, or lime sugar for rimming glass
3 oz crushed ice
1 tsp lime juice
2 jiggers Naked Juice Green Machine
1 jigger vodka
1 jigger Mountain Dew
1 - 2 jiggers seltzer
lime wheel for garnish

1) Run the lime wedge along the rim of a 12 oz rocks glass.
2) Pour file' powder (or green sugar or lime sugar) into a saucer and run the rim of the glass around in the powder to coat. Place ice in glass.
3) Pour lime juice, Green Machine, vodka, and Mountain Dew. Top off glass with seltzer. Stir gently.
4) Garnish with lime wheel.
5) Stay cool!

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