Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cocktail Time #6 - LemonGuavaBerry Refresher

Oops! I missed cocktail time on Friday. Okay, I didn't really miss it. I had my fair share of cocktails, alright. I was just a little too busy having fun and drinking my usual, citrusy vodka tonics to concoct anything.

I had but one, true requirement for my cocktail invention this weekend. I was lazy and not in the mood to run out to the store for special ingredients. I was even too lazy to replenish the vodka supply! I just took a look in the bar and in the fridge and came up with the combination of gold tequila, meyer lemon, and fresh blueberries. I felt like I needed a touch of something else, but it didn't hit me until I opened the fridge again and saw my little box of guava juice sitting there just begging to be used.

I also remembered my jar of California Powdered Lemon Peel from Penzey's spices, which is a nice thing to have on hand to add to baked goods and savory dishes. The lemon peel gave the sugared rim a wonderful sweet and sour taste.

My resulting drink was tasty and pretty. One thing to note about it is that you won't enjoy it if you aren't okay with 'things' floating in your cocktail. By 'things', I mean the tiny little seeds and shreds of peeling from the blueberries. :) Don't try straining the drink -- you'll loose the ice.

LemonGuavaBerry Refresher
Makes enough for one large martini glass with a little left over, or enough for 2 smaller martini glasses.

Rim the glass:
lemon wedge
1 Tbsp granulated sugar, colored yellow
1/4 tsp powdered lemon peel (I like Penzey's)

On a plate wider than the rim of your martini glass, mix the sugar with the powdered lemon peel. Swipe the lemon wedge around the rim, wiping off any excess juices that drip down the outside edge of the glass. Set glass aside.

Blend the drink:
1 c ice
1/3 c fresh blueberries
1 oz fresh meyer lemon juice
1 1/2 oz guava juice (I used Ceres brand)
2 Tbsp superfine sugar
1 1/2 oz gold (oro) tequila

Place the ingredients into a blender. Blend until the drink is well-mixed and slushy. Pour into the sugar-rimmed glass.


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