Saturday, May 3, 2008

Coachella, Vegas, The Verve, Fix, and Cafe' Ba-ba-ree-ba!

Okay, this is a little backwards, but I wanted to post a blurb about our fabulous weekend (last weekend) enjoying the newly reunited The Verve.

On Friday, we headed to the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio for the Coachella Valley Music Festival and The Verve.

Before The Verve took the stage, we enjoyed Cut Copy, The Breeders, Tegan & Sarah, and The Raconteurs. All were pretty good, but they could not be topped by the musical geniuses, Richard Ashcroft and Nick McCabe along with Simon Jones and Peter Salisbury.

The set list for Coachella was:
This is Music
Space and Time
Life's an Ocean
Weeping Willow
Sit and Wonder (new song)
The Rolling People
The Drugs Don't Work
Lucky Man
Bittersweet Symphony
Modern Times (new song)

As soon as The Verve left the stage, it was on to Vegas. Hubby was a peach and did ALL of the driving while I read him a book by the dashboard light.

We didn't make it to Vegas until nearly 4am, so we slept in the next morning and had lunch a Cafe' Ba-Ba-Ree-Ba!

The patio setting was a nice place to people-watch while we dined. I ordered the Black Bean Soup and the almond-herb chicken with romesco. The soup was scrumptious and velvety, but the chicken was a little overcooked. Hubby had the seafood salad of shrimp, scallops & squid marinated with citrus and herbs followed by the spicy glazed lamb with slaw. I think he was a little disappointed that the seafood salad wasn't mayo-based, but he seemed to enjoy the lamb. Overall, I'm unsure whether I'd try Cafe' Ba-ba-ree-ba again, or if I'd rather try another restaurant instead.

As for the show, The Verve rocked it at the Pearl Theatre in The Palms. The performance was even better than at Coachella.

The Vegas set list isn't so neatly set in my brain, but I do remember that it featured the above tunes in addition to:
New Decade
Come On
Already There

Before the show, I set up a post-bday dinner for Hubby at Fix in the Bellagio. We had a wonderful meal. Here's what Hubby had:

It's the small "Ultimate Shell" with oysters, clams, lobster, crab, and shrimp served with a trio of sauces: cocktail, mignonette, and something resembling a thin remoulade. I ate the "erstas" for Hubby, since he's a bit squeamish about them.

I had a caesar salad with Point Reyes Blue (one of my fave cheeses) and the salmon with meyer lemon and white beans. The salmon was divine. It was perfectly cooked and the meyer lemon sauce was light and bright.

I highly recommend Fix. It's got a very hip, urban vibe to it. The food and service are pretty terrific, too.

Next time you're in Vegas, check out Fix. If you go, ask for a table near the back of the restaurant so you don't see that you're in the casino.

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