Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Cocktail Time #3 - Blackened Iced Coffee

It's Friday Cocktail Time again, and not a moment too soon! After this very long and draining work week and a night of little sleep, I feel the need to pep things up so that I can enjoy my weekend and forget about office politics.

Let's get to the pain-numbing, heart-pumping cocktail, shall we?

Recently, in my quest to quit diet colas with NutraSweet and/or Splenda, I've turned to drinking seltzer water, iced tea, and iced coffee. (The last two sweetened with stevia or light agave nectar.)

I'm not one for hot coffee. I really don't want to brew up some coffee and wait for it to cool just so I can get an iced coffee out of it. I recently experimented with brewing my own coffee using coffee pods in a mason jar (that is another post entirely), but I prefer the convenience and the taste of N.O. Brew.

N.O. Brew is authentic New Orleans coffee and chicory brewed cold. You get all the oomph of the coffee and the all-important chicory with less bitterness. Oh, and it comes in three flavors: Traditional, French Vanilla, and Storyville Mocha. (No, they didn't pay me to tell you all that!)

Oh, do you STILL want to know about the cocktail? Good. It's a peppy little drink that mixes my new favorite bev, N.O. Brew, with various forms of alcohol and a touch of sugary Coca Cola. (Yes, you can sub Diet Coke, but I'm trying to quit. Remember?) I put this together on a whim and I have to say that it tastes more like chocolate than anything else. Since that really isn't a bad thing, I'll deem this cocktail invention of mine a great success.

I'm not sure what to name it, so I'm just going with blackened iced coffee since I'm adding Coca Cola to it and no milk or cream.

Blackened Iced Coffee (makes 1 cocktail)

1.5 oz vodka
4 oz cold coffee (I used N.O. Brew's Storyville Mocha)
1/4 oz cointreau
1/4 oz Kahlua
Coca Cola

1) Fill a rocks glass half-full with ice.
2) Pour in vodka, kahlua, cointreau, and coffee.
3) Top with Coca Cola.
4) Stir to mix.
5) Drink up and proceed to bounce off of walls and forget your troubles.


BTW, for those of you wondering where all the food recipes are, they're coming. I just sort of lost my mojo this week.

4 red beans:

Geggie said...

Don't you mean you lost your mojeaux?

Kind of like a Colorado Bulldog with out the milk, add coffee. Nice.

Gumbeaux Gal said...

Oops! I think you're right, geggie. Or, maybe it's meauxjeaux!

Just googled "Colorado bulldog". Sounds good!!

Tobermory said...

Nooo! Don't lose your meauxjeaux! It's not worth it. :)

Gumbeaux Gal said...

I know, I know. As long as we can gripe about work together, I guess I'll be okay!

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