Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Home Cooking!

As many of my close friends know, I just returned from spending the holidays with my family in South Louisiana. While I was there, Mom indulged me in some homecooked foods. One of my favorite meals is something I've eaten since I was a kid. Field peas with fresh, green onion pork sausage. YUM! Of course, the two aren't a full meal without the addition of "rice and gravy". And Mom added a side of smothered green beans with new potatoes and some yams to round things out.

No good Louisiana meal would be complete without the addition of pickles of some kind. In the case of this meal, we added some Tiffe's Pickled Okra and some hot banana peppers.

Sometimes, Dad pickles peppers that he's grown or that the neighbors have given him. This time, they came from the grocery store. The whole thing with pickles is that vinegary, peppery bite that compliments Cajun food so well. Mmm mmm!

Oh, and my parents treated me to some nice fried seafood. After all, what is a visit to South Louisiana without home cooking AND fried seafood?

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