Monday, September 10, 2007

The Injured Cook

In my continuing quest to stay in shape, I tried a somewhat new form of exercise called kettlebells. A kettlebell looks like a cannonball with a handle. You use your lower body to hoist the heavy weight up, where you proceed to squat it, swing it, snatch it, press it, etc.

(I'm sure you see what's coming...)

I was pretty intimidated by the thought of kettlebells, but I'd read so many good things about their effects that I just had to try them out for myself. After my first workout, I was hooked (never mind the post-workout nausea and the three days of being too sore to do anything more than shuffle along). After a few weeks of kb workouts, I woke one morning to find that the area where my thumb met my wrist felt weird. There was some popping when I tried moving my thumb or gripping something.

Today, I visited my doctor, who gave me some ibuprofen along with the awful news that I would have to wear a splint to immobilize my thumb for at least a week (maybe two). My first thought was, "How will I cook?"

Yesterday, I had braised some short ribs in red wine with the intent of serving them tonight over some grilled polenta. Whew! That got me off the hook. Uhoh. What about the next 6 - 14 days?

I'll be getting creative, trying to find recipes that don't require much prep. I see a lot of grilled chicken breasts in our dinner future.

As for the kettlebells, I can't resume those for another four weeks at the earliest, and must use a lighter weight.

To quote Hubby, "Yay, fitness!" :>

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