Monday, July 23, 2007


No trip home to South Louisiana is complete without a snowball.

Yes. A snowball. Not a snow cone. A snowball is fluffly, snow-like shaved ice that is not crunchy like snowcone ice. You can get it from one of dozens of snowball stands in local neighborhoods. Some stands are open only in summer, but some are open year round.

My wonderful sister drove me to a mom & pop snowball stand not far from her neighborhood. A smiling woman inquired about my order. There were so many tantalizing flavors, I could hardly decide what to have. I finally settled on the Yellow Cake Batter with cream. By cream, I mean evaporated milk. (Another popular topping is condensed milk, which is scrumptious over a chocolate snowball.)

The minute I got my snowball, I was seven years old again, when Dad would drive us to a stand a few streets away from our neighborhood and my sister and I would choose a new flavor each time. One of us carefully babysat Dad's snowball as he drove us home, the other one trying not to drop Mom's snowball of choice. It was always fun to sneak a sip of the other snowball in your possession!

I didn't take my camera with me to the snowball stand, so you'll just have to imagine the Yellow Cake Batter snowball in all its glory. Anyway, I shoveled the snowy goodness down as fast as I could, just barely escaping brain freeze status. When we got to sis' house, I snapped this photo:

Yes, the snowball tasted like yellow cake batter. It was reminiscent of creme bouquet, butter, and even a faint hint of salt. Yummy!

My sis had a Passion Punch Delight, which tasted like a combination of tropical fruits with a haunting note of Pop Rouge.*

*If you haven't had Pop Rouge, you're probably not from Louisiana. It was a fizzy, strawberry soda bottled in Abbeville, LA. I haven't seen it since I was a kid. It didn't taste like any other strawberry sodas out there. Boy, I wish someone would resurrect Pop Rouge!

If you're headed to South Louisiana in summer, keep your eyes open for the small, brightly colored snowball stands dotting street corners here and there. You'll stay cool and you'll get to experience something that memories are made of!

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Steve said...

You know I've to contribute having just gotten back from Kauai.

hmm...for some reason I'm having trouble posting a pic of it. Anyway, here's the link:

Steef said...

Good Job! :)

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