Saturday, June 2, 2007

Get Your Drink On: Vodka Campari Tonic

I'm sure this drink already exists in some form in some bar guide somewhere. However, it was nowhere to be found in my Williams-Sonoma Bar Guide, so I decided to publish it here.

Vodka Campari Tonic
1 rocks glass with ice
1 double jigger orange- or mandarin-flavored vodka (I like Grey Goose)
splash of Campari
splash of Peychaud Bitters
tonic or diet tonic
1 grapefruit or orange wedge

Fill a rocks glass with as much or as little ice as you like.
Add a double jigger of flavored vodka.
Add a splash (or two) of Campari.
Add a splash of Peychaud's bitters (a New Orleans original and favorite).
Fill the rest of the glass with tonic or diet tonic.
Garnish with a grapefruit or orange wedge.
Drink it down!

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Kirsten said...

Hey Gumbeaux Gal - love your blog - so glad to see a cocktail here. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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