Thursday, March 15, 2007

Recreating a favorite restaurant dish at home

On Thursday nights, hubby and I often dine out at a local restaurant that features a wasabi-seared steak. Today, I tried my hand at creating the dish at home.

I dusted two top sirloin steaks with wasabi and pepper. Grilled them till medium, and sprinkled them with sea salt as they were resting. I made a wasabi "sauce" from thinned wasabi powder. I also reduced balsamic vinegar and soy sauce to a near caramel state. I drizzled both sauces over the steak and added a cucumber salad dressed with sesame seeds, chili paste, and rice wine vinegar on the side.

And the other side dish, grilled garlic potatoes, is where I veered away from Asian flavors. (Who doesn't love meat and potatoes, anyway?) The potatoes made a nice accompaniment to the steak and cucumbers and didn't detract from or clash with the other flavors on the plate. Next time, I might try a nice dish of brown rice with scallions for a change of pace.

2 red beans:

king said...

you know what they say... once you go asian, um, you'll never go racin?

Anonymous said...

Gumbeaux, Luv your ingenuity and especially interested in the cucumber salad and garlic potatoes--will try my own version. Grambert

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