Monday, January 1, 2007


First, Make a Roux! is a blog about a lifelong love affair with cooking and entertaining in the Southern Louisiana way. It's about reaching into the traditions of my past for inspiration in the future.

This blog is written by me, Make A. Roux. I grew up in very small town in rural South Louisiana. It's the kind of town where the families are large and everyone knows everyone else, along with everyone else's business. ;)  As a kid, I loved my rural life, but dreamt of living in a big city when I grew up.

As an adult, I followed that dream, picking up a wonderful husband (and my biggest supporter) along the way. Now that I live in a big city in California, I miss the simpler, easier times I had as a kid. This blog is a tribute to those times, to my family, and to all that is steeped in Cajun and German Coast culture.

If you're wondering why I have an alias, it's because I like my privacy and also because I like being thought of as another one of those larger-than-life Southern characters. However, that doesn't mean you can't contact me to give feedback, to ask for recipes, or to inquire about having your product reviewed.

My email address is gumbokitchenATgmailDOTcom. Drop me a line anytime and tell me what's cookin' in your kitchen!

L'aissez les bon temps rouler, chere!

2 red beans:

Smooth said...

Hello Ms. Roux.

I know what you mean. I grew up in the south like you, with you actually, and have very much the same views as you. Though I have spent about 1/2 of my life in larger cities, I do miss the comforts of the small home feel be it with my cousins in Germany, Italy, Venezuela, and elsewhere.

sandieslittletreasures said...

I so had to leave the comment about my first Roux! Although my first roux was the "roux" of a child made with mud and field flowers on a hot and humid summer day .........the "make believe " part will always be remembered until I am old and gray :) I'll always remember my little blue wagon and how we tugged it along mixing mud, water, field flowers, plants, and imagining we were making a roux for our imaginary gumbo ! Oh, how life was so slow and simple back then! Now, whenever I make a "real" roux, I think about you.......the little girl with amazing dreams and ideas who turned out to be an amazing woman with wonderful ideas! Keep making your roux and dream big my friend .......xoxo!

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